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Toddler Ride On Toys – How To Find The Right One

Ride On Toys For Toddlers

Toddlers are always on the go and seem to have a never ending supply of energy. A two or three year old could run in circles for what seems like an eternity without breaking a sweat or tiring out. For those times when your toddler would like a break from doing all of the work, but still wants to be on the go, having toddler ride on toys available to play with will help you keep your sanity and your toddler will stay entertained and having fun. There are three main types that are sure to please and entertain your little ones. These include bicycles and tricycles, wagons, and electronic riding toys.

Bicycles and tricycles are probably two of the most popular types of toddler ride on toys on the market today. These bikes and trikes are sized just right for little legs and often feature a detachable handle that can be used to push the toddler on the bike before he or she has developed the skills and/or strength to peddle by him or herself. Little Tikes, Fischer Price, Radio Flyer, and Step 2 are some companies that make these types of toddler toys. These toys are sometimes made from metal, but are most often made from a durable, hard plastic. These toddler ride on toys do require adult help and supervision, but, once kids get older, they are able to use them more independently.

Many parents see the necessity and fun of having a wagon in their collection of toys as well. Radio Flyer is probably the best known wagon manufacturer, but companies such as Little Tikes, Fischer Price, John Deere, Step 2, and Jeep also make durable, sturdy wagons. Toddlers have so much fun with wagons because they are able to pull the wagons themselves, but when they get tired of walking, can hop into the wagon and go for a ride. Parents find wagons useful in areas where strollers are harder to push, such as parks, on gravel, and when there is more than one child to pull. Wagons are also useful to carry items and supplies needed while on an outing.

Another staple in the category of toddler ride on toys are the electronic toys that allow toddlers to literally be in the driver’s seat. The most popular of these are probably the Fischer Price Power Wheels, but are also made by other companies such as Safety 1st and Peg Perego. These toys are powered by a large, rechargeable battery and go on their own. Kids do not need to pedal and parents do not need to push in order for their little ones to get moving. With these, helmets are recommended and adult supervision is a must. Toddlers will have tons of fun and feel just like a real driver with these battery powered cars.

Whichever type you chose, you can be sure that your toddler will have a blast being on the move!

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